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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you explain the artwork on your Home Page?
  2. Scene Under The Stairs is by artist Jacek Yerka. http://www.yerkaland.com/
    I love this piece because it depicts simply and perfectly the Singular, Personal, Spiritual Experience.

    It is about the private experience, which happens with little fanfare.


    Yet, deeply significant.

    I believe Individuality is an important part of the In Body Experience.
    It is the narrow staircase, the importance of each specific individual’s path, which is just right and perfect for that 1 person. But at the same time - Collectively - we are part of something much larger, which is not seen to the naked eye, yet is expressed beyond the dark clouds.

    It also perfectly encompasses the wood, hay, stubble concept of 3D earth – where everything goes from coming in to life on to decay and death.

    The 3rd Dimension really ends up being Death unto Death.

    What is above the staircase is where we begin to learn of Life unto Life.

    The little room at the bottom is so perfect.
    Again, humble, and not a show off kind of room.
    Yet, Amazing Things may be happening in that little room under the stairs.
    It is Unseen - much like a lifetime private spiritual closet.

    Thereby this Little Individual Simple and Humble Staircase and Room,
    with 3rd dimensional floor, and dying trees -- really sum it up for me!

  3. What is your religious belief?

    My beliefs are expressed over the entire series of podcasts.
    The March 8, 2013 podcast addresses the “traditional” aspects of this question