Global Prophetic Recap

Global Prophetic Recap

December 11, 2012

This podcast is the introduction to prophecy, intuitive insight, and the ability to read the informational energetic stream, and explains that all of us have the ability to access these. It is also the Introduction to the topic of dimensional overlaps which began in 1990, and introduces the topic of dimensional collapses …..

Further shared — information regarding how the Holy Spirit has been actively and openly involved in forewarning people of future global events which were going to be generated by various global and local governments, as well as natural and “seemingly natural” catastrophic events.

This is also a quick and short catch up regarding global prophetic work which has been active since 1990, which exposed the events leading up to 2012 and thereafter, and shares some of the specific information which came in prophetically from outside of large matrix time.

Concludes with why we have nothing to fear when the end of December 2012 arrives, and introduces the 4 entities which have been the real powers ruling the earth behind the scenes.