Get Excited and Be Happy!

Why get excited and be happy when it appears that economies are failing and governments are getting tighter with stricter control over masses of humanity, and friends and family members are kind of acting nuts? (Okay, yes this too is happening, but we’ll cover all of that later, and explain that even that IS a Good Thing. It is just the Normal kind of thing one expects when a “changeover” occurs. All kinds of things surface to the top like sludge during a changeover. But honestly, even this crazy stuff – Is – A Good Thing. Bear with me …. I’ll get in to this part of it in a different podcast.)

Get excited and be happy because 2012 concludes the end of being stuck in 3rd Dimensional Time. The end of December 2012 is the end of the Limitation Of Time – which means you no longer have to remain bound by the limitations of being pressed into 3D time, if you Chose not to be.

Yes, it is true that 4th and 5th dimensional access is already in play even today December 11, 2012, and these are very real for those who are somewhat awake and aware, and yes, it is possible to access them because of the very real Dimensional Overlaps which began overtly happening in 1990, and Yes, these overlaps were strong enough to spontaneously awaken very secular people, and Yes, they were even strong enough to shake up and awaken people, who were sitting in organized religions – into such a Wake Up state – that none of us who experienced the absolutely stunning paradigm shift could ever go back to the pre 1990 paradigms. Yes, what happened in the early 1990’s – Forever Changed Anyone Who Experienced these Dimensional Overlaps. There was simply – no ability to accept the matrix lie again, once eyes were opened, and our spirit awakened what was asleep within us.

And frankly, while people in the secular world who were suddenly waking up – such as David Icke and others, who may have appeared to normal, everyday stable, yet very 3rd dimensional
people – to be loons and worse – what happened in organized religious systems was actually much worse, and more jarring.

The Incoming Truth was so vivid, intense, and un-doubtable that many happy little sheep found they had to leave churches to maintain a Spiritual Connection with outside Source – because they were spontaneously shown the rot and lie within the organized religious system.

There is no way around it, when the paradigm shift – Shifted – there was no way to remain in a place where “Limitation & Constriction” continued to rule by force or consensus.

And so, by leaving the organized systems – of all kinds – large amounts of people were able to enter a decade of unprecedented experience with Spirit/Source and began connecting to Information coming from outside of all matrix creations.

Okay, I heard some of you sigh ….. I did not use the word God.
So some Clarification.

I do not want to use the word God here, and am intentionally using the word Source for many reasons.

  • Some people identify God with Jehovah, while others do not.
  • Some people refer to their specific “God” by another name, and yet have a very real experience and relationship with “Their God”.
  • Others believe that God is a collective of all those who are 1 – With God.
  • The actual word “God” has been used in many contexts in ancient days, and some people relate this word “God” with someone who is not a sacred essence/being.

Therefore, in view of all of These Differing Views, I am going to use the word “Source” to describe that which is Spirit Manifested in All Knowing, Truth, Power, Mercy, Love and Is Light – in the context that most of us understand the word “Light” to mean.

The Source I speak of exists everywhere, but is not limited to Matrix Creation of Time & Space, which differs Vastly from the lower level little g “gods” and entities, who Are Limited and confined to Matrix Creation of Time & Space, but who often pass themselves off as God, god, and Source.

Let’s address too that some of these gods and entities exist in other dimensional planes where there is Still a type of time and space, although it is different from – Our – type of time and space. Frankly, this lack of knowing that there really are many dimensions where time and space still do exist, and are very real, and that beings exist in these different time/space locations – is what so often confuses and frightens people, when they come face to face with something that is “multi-dimensional”.

2013 is going to be ALL ABOUT LEARNING about the GOOD STUFF that we are coming in to, while also exposing how restrictions and limitations of the past, and engineering of our species in many diverse manners, has attempted to keep us restricted and forgetting that we are Spiritual Beings first – who are simply having an In Body Experience.

And not the other way around.

The end of 2012 …. Is The End of That Limitation.

We are entering a new time in history. A time which we have never experienced previously in the recent 25,000 years of our history, and for that we should be Very Excited and VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

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