The Next Blood Moon


By now most of you probably know something about the upcoming Blood Moon on April 14/15. For those who don’t know about blood moons – here’s a quick drive by:

1. There is what is called a blood moon in astronomy. (See NASA site for more information.)
2. There are astrological understandings, and hind sight based future predictions, for the meaning of future blood moons due to past historical events such as political/financial upheavals, wars, religious feast days, and other historically noted events which coincided with previous blood moons. (Do a search for historically significant events falling on past Blood Moons.)
3. Today there is a new, and very recent agenda slanted teaching, by a nationally well- known Christian pastor concerning the upcoming blood moons. This view of the significance of blood moons is either categorically rejected by Christians, or is used to bring more fear into the already fearful lives of many Christians. (Ignore this one. Loads of Purposed Agenda.)

While blood moons in the past have affected and effected specific regions and peoples of the world, the blood moons have not affected nor effected the entire planet at the same singular one time. So let’s not bog down in the smallest ripple of what a blood moon “may or may not” signify to the majority of the planet for this upcoming blood moon, and let’s not get swallowed up by the coinciding wars and feasts dates of the past – which did coincide with blood moons – because we all also know that many persecutions, wars, and feast dates of the past have also Not Coincided with blood moons.

And by now – 2014 – most of us already know that those who engineer, plan, and execute false flags and staged horror making events, often use astrological and astronomical dates specifically engineered to occur on those dates to give the “appearance” of something other than what these staged events really are.

Some of you might remember a long ago May, when all the noise went out on the internet about upcoming flooding foreseen by some remote viewers and future information gathering technologies. You probably also remember that the forecasted June came and went and the world went on. We did not need an ark, and we did not need to be one mile high to survive any flooding in June of that year. Most of us understood that water and flooding would be an issue encapsulating a decade, and not just one month of one single year.

Yes, water was a personal issue for one of the guys talking about it. Personal to his own life. Yet thankfully, water did not impact the majority of us.
For the record I’m not throwing shade in any direction. What I am stating is that those who have previously used the collective sub and super conscious via technology, easily and clearly in the past, are going to find themselves in a very tricky terrain today because we as a collective people are pulling into two very different and separate paradigms, and the variances of where we are pulling will begin to strongly influence the “language” and “meaning” of words that are used daily, as well as used for future predictions, for algorithms, as well as will effect/affect what remote viewers See and Perceive.
Looking Glass et all, are basically now skewed and unreliable because we are in the throes of separating the two earth worlds, which have been compressed into one earth. (More in future blogs.)

We now must ask – “Is the viewer or data collector separating his/her consciousness along the lines of the Earth encapsulated in Death?” If yes, that viewer and collector will simply see Loads of Death and Devastation because they are being pulled further and further into a place of Much More Death, and into the Earth which is degrading by the dimensional collapses of other dark dimensions and planes – into it. Literally for those aligned in this paradigm – what you have here, right now, IS your heaven. This is as good as it is going to get for you. It all goes from bad to worse from here for you. You will consistently see the dimensional collapses within the matrix – collapsing into what can only be described as Hell.
Those who are aligned with the Earth pulling away and separating into the paradigm of Life and Truth – will be coming into more and more Literal Creation manifesting in their lives, as well as will Impact the Earth with creating what will be, and will move and separate what is sacred from what exists here in darkness – into a place where there is much more Life unto Even more lush and abundant Life.

This is the “greater works” that Jesus spoke of.

Jesus Did Not speak of blessing or condoning wars against other nations. He did not bless or condone wars for avarice and global domination. Get this clearly through your head. Jesus spoke Life and Healing and Release of Captives. He did not align with those who would kill, maim, and destroy the souls of “others”. Period.

For those who understand the times, and understand the 2 paradigms actively in play – it means that the people Occupying The Planet, with Consciousness of Truth – they have literally begun to create future time lines, and are no longer locked in to the pre-planned time lines created by those serving Death unto More Death. Nor do they bow to the gods and earthly powers and religious leaders who are proponents of expanding the Death Cult upon the earth.

Let’s remember that the fear, concern, and noise, that went out on to the internet about flooding back then in May – became simply an un-necessary stress and anxiety for Masses of People, while the flooding was not.

The conversation stemming from all the proclamations did however, provide loads of food, and energy no different than fuel, for the extra (multi) dimensionals who feed off of humanity’s fear and anxiety. Let’s not do this again.

I’m making the same statement to you today regarding this upcoming April 2014 Blood Moon.
Nothing happens. The masses of us will go on with our day as we have done for years before.
Let’s consciously not allow fear or anxiety into our lives.
Let’s Not Create another Feast for those who would happily feed upon you and destroy you.
Let’s know what is really going on.

Let’s also be very aware that GWEN Towers exist, and that they are able to alter your real mood. When anxiety, when fear, when that “dropped down” feeling hits you at that specific hour of the day – Stand Up – and state that it is “Not Mine!” “Not My Emotion!” “Not What I Feel!” And begin to consciously push it out of your body and mind. Remember that your Spirit CAN over-ride what is thrown at you in 3D emanations and frequencies. We have to consciously stand up against it, and not surrender to what is not even our own feeling and emotion.
Okay, I’m not saying that there may not be an orchestrated plan to create events. And yes, there are events which are still in attempted play for April 20th and beyond. It’s why I am writing this blog today.
But as far as concerns “The Blood Moon” in April 2014. It’s already moot. And what is planned for April and beyond Can Be Pushed Back – if we do this together, consciously. Now.

I do believe that there will be enough pushback on the other issues currently in play behind the scenes, both supernaturally due to greater time, and via prayer and meditation of those dwelling in earth bodies, and as well by those, who are in positions of authority on the planet who disagree with the Agenda of Destruction – to push these events Back.

In some cases the plans will be Exposed and thus Disclosed, which will lead to greater and greater Exposures and Disclosures to the degree that many who have waited for “Disclosure” will begin to cover their ears and say, “Enough! I have heard enough! Stop!”

Guess what. You can’t stop it – once it starts. It’s a floodgate. We are consciously going to take down that floodgate, and after that All Things Flow to the light of day. Everything.

Exposure and Disclosure will beget More Exposure and Disclosure. We have actually entered into a Season Of Disclosure.
Having said that, let’s talk about why we can collectively and individually – push these evil, tyrannical plans back. Why can we push back against bloodthirsty and destructive plans? It’s simple. The schedule of Eternal Time simply does not allow for success of any such events for this first Blood Moon. Period.

Those who understand and know that negative multi-dimensionals exist, and have an active, participating hand in Earth’s tyranny, know that this issue was already addressed with them, and dealt with back in March of 2011. So let’s move on from fear. But let’s get going with creating something new which is far from the agenda of mass destruction. Let’s keep pulling our paradigm of Life unto More Life out of the matrix death and destruction tapestry.

For those of us who were still sitting in churches in the very early 1990’s, and were struggling with what was going in to lock down regarding the supernatural prohibitions in churches, but who absolutely still believed in the power of the sacred supernatural – the reality of the existence of the multi and extra dimensionals had to be taught to us first hand. Via Experience. It had to be clear, jarring lessons that shook us from our paradigms of “Religion” and false “Dogma” with enough of a Reality jolt that left us with no room for doubt about what was going on.

I mean it seriously. We had to be jarred into real truth about what was going on – on, beneath, above, and beyond the earth as regarding other forces beyond 3D human ones, which had direct affect and effect on all of us living on the planet. We had to learn that there are many more things beyond the simple explanations of “demons” that we living on the earth had to deal with.

We had to learn that Nothing was as it “Appeared To Be”.

I’m going to tell you about two experiences. The first one occurred around 1990.
I realize that those steeped in dogma will want to push everything I’m going to say on to the “demonic influence” and “deception” heap. I’m not here to convert you from your belief system. Believe what you chose. I am simply going to tell you that there are things you have been taught, which are simply Wrong and Not True, and I will leave it there.

Those who know and understand that what I am talking about here is real, are already in the throes of experience which they cannot squish into a “scripture” or a false scientific paradigm. Because of this they often find themselves confused about what is sacred and what is not. My purpose is to clarify what I can, for those who are searching for the missing pieces in their already formed puzzle pictures.

If you are in a transition – I hope that my telling of this experience helps you with what you are going through in your own lives and experiences right now. Especially those who have become very cognizant about the work and influence of extra and multi dimensionals upon the earth.

I am talking about this now because there are now enough of you, who have created a tipping point where we can speak about such matters – openly and safely. Your stance in consciousness makes it possible for many to come forward and speak in future months and years.

You already know that there is no such thing as “separation” between religion, politics, education, historical accounts as presented to the mass populace, medicine, attacks on the 3rd dimensional environment by chemtrail cocktails within the geo-engineering programs, and mass mind and consciousness control via Gwen towers and invisible technologies.

You already know that these are simply “facets” of the one straightforward purpose and agenda of those holding the matrix in place and in play. You know that it is an attempt to keep the matrix from collapse. You know that what is sacred, and what is death – has already begun to unravel the matrix creation, and that time as we have known it, space as we have known it – will be changing.

It is for those, who still walk around in the dark flooded with questions, while keeping hands outstretched seeking and searching, that I tell my experience.

My early 1990 experience started with me in a dead sleep. I was awakened by a presence standing at the side of my bed. A safe kind of calm surrounded me, and I was told that it was time to show me something. I was immediately out of my bed, and literally moving past planets with an incredible speed. I realized at some point that I was allowed to mentally name the planets so that my mind could comprehend that we were going not only beyond earth, but had moved past what I then knew to be the last known planet in our solar system, Pluto. We then kept moving deeper into space.

I’m going to talk about the various things I was shown on a literal “other planet” in a time/space different from Earth at another time. It’s a lot to get in to in a single blog, and correlates with other topics we’ll be covering later in blogs and podcasts, so we’ll talk about it in segmented bits and pieces. What I want to talk to you about today is the “return trip”.

On the way back we literally stopped suspended in a place that was no different than a boundary between nations on earth. A border. I watched as organic, you can knock on it physical, tangible space vehicles stopped near the boundary wall. It is very difficult to describe it. It was not a wall in the traditional description of a wall, because it was simultaneously “a kind of” infinite space and simultaneously a dividing line. A real boundary for those desiring to go beyond it. The ships and vehicles came in organized movements. Some were individual small shaped discs, others were parts of small fleets. There were also discs large enough to house a city. I watched as they each cleared the orderly bordering crossing.

The wall itself would be best described as a boundary of soft dark black velvet fabric. A drape dividing one place from another. It was soft, bendable. Foldable is my best description. I watched as the fabric of space/time was literally gathered the way one would gather folds back and forth to create soft folds in a drape, and then this folded time and space literally turned from a horizontal view into a deep diagonal view and became best that I can describe it flattened into one simple thin layer. I understood immediately that physical travel was made easy by the folding of this fabric of time space, and it was as simple and Literal as putting a needle through the folded/flattened fabric.

The place/space/location at this boundary became Time and Space so compressed that one end of the needle was able to pierce the other side of the fabric before the back end of the needle on “this side” of the fold of fabric disappeared. It was so quick. A matter of a second, if that, quick. There was a split second of intermediary time where I understood that something showing up on “the other side of the fabric” would need a second to materialize. Like seeing something ghostlike, not fully dense or solid, before it made the full transition to the other side of the drape. I watched the same thing happen on the back end as it began to enter the fabric of compressed time and space, but it was so quick that it almost seemed solid all the way through.

See it solid on this side. See it enter the fold of space/time and it begins to take a different see through form, before fully manifesting in its original solid form on the other side of the border. Fraction of a second in time.

I watched ships of various sizes approach the fold. They waited their turn in orderly manner, no differently than when airliners line up in the sky positioned for their designated runway, while instructed by men working the airport towers. They darted through the folded time and space much like automobiles approaching a toll booth lane. It was that orderly. It was that logical. It was that Doable.
It was very Easy.

I watched them emerge on the other side of the fold literally in Earth’s space. I knew immediately that they were picked up on some kind of scanning device around the Earth, as some of the ships darted away in defensive maneuvers, while others seemed to be on a smooth trajectory down to the planet with no sudden maneuvering, much like an expected and approved approach to an airfield, straight line down.

Thus began my lessons about tangible human looking ETs, and what can reside within those who looked much like other men walking the Earth. What I did not know was that once you know about Them …. They know about You. Consciousness is not a fickle thing.

What this also meant is that I entered a season of schooling in which I had to learn from scratch, and very separate from my church doctrine, what “Spiritual Warfare” actually means. It also turned on its heel for me the real work of Christ. How much greater in significance and meaning that work really is.

The other experience showed me that there was much Between this place I had been taken in a different deep space time/place/resonance and the boundary where time and space is easily folded, and what was much nearer to Earth’s time and space, specifically that having to do with the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions already literally overlapping Earth’s time and space, and how these dimensions are inhabited by those who can traverse from their dimension to ours using literal physical technology.

This technology allows these who live in these 4th and 5th dimensions which have overlapped earth’s time and space to not only permeate into our space, but manifest in a physical form in our space.

I was able to watch how they already overlapped Earth’s 3rd Dimensional time and space, and how those in the Fourth Dimension literally fed off of the fear and anxiety in those of the 3rd Dimension. Feeding on humanity, while representing themselves to be Gods, while in truth being nothing more than pretend little g gods who are Less Than Men. (Serious stuff, and loads to cover in the podcast this week.)
People living on Earth in the 3rd Dimensional plane often speak of Revolutions. They have discourses about why they happen, why they are needed, why we must start another one. But they rarely speak about what created the need for the Revolution in the first place. I don’t mean the tyranny of an individual or group. I mean that we would have to understand why the handful of those who control the Earth ARE able to control it. Why the players never really change. Why the players are always hidden. Why the wrong people get blamed for everything when things go down.

To understand what is going on we really must begin to look at everything “controlling what you see and experience” in the 3rd Dimension. It is especially important to understand this today because the same players are up to the same games – hoping you have forgotten. And if you are in the number of those who “Do Remember” then you are in the number that the “hidden dark ones” have already taken action against to work against your memories by basic means of technology which you use daily, as well as Gwen Towers, social engineering, linguistic programming, and the use of peer pressure to get you to conform to the will of the hidden dark ones.
Literally, we cannot simply address any fallacy in religion, in pedagogy, in science, in history without asking, “Why were the Big Lies needed? Why were the Big Cover Ups and Lies perpetrated against all of us?” Most of you will say, “Easy. Control of the masses.”

Okay, but WHY does anyone need to “control the masses”? Most of us are not murderers. Most of us would not become bank thieves. Most of us would not wish harm upon our neighbors. Most of us would not go rape and pillage others. Most of us would not cause harm or ever desire to control others. So WHAT is it that – someone in charge – feels compelled to “control” within us? Why do they find it Necessary?!

The answer is that the proverbial, invisible, “They” who oversee the earth’s wars, finances, and way of life – simply do not want flak from their own up-line gods, who hold the earth’s leaders accountable and liable, for not providing 4th Dimensional Food.

Food takes different forms. Let’s do a quick look at the blood thirsty gods of the 4th Dimension. Is it really 3rd Dimensional blood that they are after? Or is it something else, which is released during the time of spilling of blood?

The 4th dimensionals always required that Blood – be spilled. They required wars in the past, “Go kill all of those Other people!” They have required wars for the thousands of our past years in recent history, which have manifested as games between kings and kingdoms, as manifested avarice between corporations and sovereign nations, as wars of one race and tribe upon another, and wars of one species against another.

All of these various wars have created a tangible currency of anguish, pain, loss, sorrow, fear, anxiety, rage, hopelessness, and horrific abnormal deaths in the midst of the masses of humankind. These past acts have left a collective trauma, no different than an invisible scar on humanity, so that we never forget the power of those who rule in the 3rd Dimension, and those who rule from “above” it.

We translate the past into acceptable religious, and mentally acceptable terms, and cloak these evil deeds as “God’s will” and “acts of nature”, when no sacred holy God would sign on to any of these acts of horror.

And in 2014 we still refuse to believe that chemtrails, geoengineering, and HAARP exist and so we explain engineered storms as, “God’s will” and “God’s punishment” upon that area, while choosing to ignore the hands of men who engineer such evil and dastardly deeds of destruction.

We choose to ignore the science of HAARP pings, and instead state that these shallow earthquakes created by men – are “acts of God”.

We chose to remain in the darkness of our ignorance. We choose to fear what we have been taught to believe that we cannot change. We. Choose.

In following the directions of the 4th dimensional gods – mankind as a whole – has had to pay the price and has carried the cost of these “games” of avarice and power played out by 3rd Dimensional minions and rulers who serve the 4th Dimensionals. Humanity has also had to pay the individual Spiritual price of being “food production” for the gods. Food created by the trauma of our souls.

And while these rulers of darkness in the earth feast and get fat upon the sweat of mankind, and while these 4th Dimensionals have required mankind’s submission – mankind has Always struggled to find what is Truly Sacred, and is of Holy Source. Mankind seeks, to this day, to find a way out of the darkness and mire, which we know does not align with the spirit within us.

Mankind has repeatedly witnessed and experienced loss, and Lack of Peace. Mankind has not been allowed to have Mental Rest. Mankind has repeatedly, generation after generation, suffered loss, maiming, and witnessed the repeated wounding of the souls of its sons, husbands, brothers , sisters, mothers and fathers – and has witnessed the complete disregard for the sorrow of mankind.

The over-riding need for energetic food brought forth from sorrow, fear, slaughter, famine, financial destruction, poverty, hopelessness, and great human suffering has brought man to the ground as dust to be stomped on beneath the feet of those who do not, and cannot love, humanity. They cannot love us because they hate what is in us. They hate that spark of life and light that originates – not with them – but with Sacred Source.

On the smallest ripple in their visits upon the earth in the flesh, they have required offerings involving blood, “go kill that specific animal, and prepare it for me in a very specific way, with specific oils, herbs, spices, and serve it to me with a specific amount of bread, wine, etc.” The vegetarian gods required their own specific offerings of flowers, spice, goodies, milk, etc. Other gods required virginal maidens in sacrifice.

All of the smallest ripple earth manifested gods have required Great Houses. Those who did not require houses, accepted shrines so daily incense, goodies, and fragrances of prayer could be offered up as meals for the gods.

I realize that this will well sound harsh across the board of many religions. But let’s face the facts.
God, a Real God, who is not a 3rd or 4th dimensional physical being – simply does not require – a house.
Nor does A Real God require “a chariot” which flies in the sky, as other script has stated.
The thought or “concept” of a Real and Omniscient God can Never FIT Into a 3rd Dimensional House. Real God Cannot Be Contained and housed in a Great House, Temple, or Shrine. The EARTH is too small for Real God. And we are ever grateful and happy for that!

A Real God – does not require – special priests, dressed in special ways, bathed first so their stench is not offensive while performing special duties to gods, while being the Only Ones Who Have Access “to a God” (god) separate from all other human beings.

Obviously, God, a Holy God, Omniscient, All Knowing, All Seeing, IS EVERYWHERE AT ONCE GOD is way beyond the needs and 3rd Dimensional physical comfort requirements of a 4th Dimensional, Physical – god.

Once we really see this truth – the nature and truth of God EXPANDS. The limitations of “god” go away. The lie is exposed. And this truth as it comes to its remembrance within our hearts, minds and souls makes our Spirits SOAR with the knowledge of All That IS Possible – for us.

The work of Christ becomes not something “done in the past”, but an ever present joyful knowledge of all that is yet to be completed and is being fulfilled.

It is time we wake up to see the ancient old lies for what they are.
It is time that we see that the “Deception” has already been long within the congregation – from the beginning.

It is time that we begin to see that there is a Sacred God who loves us, and would never require that we kill another.

If we say that we are no longer Pagans, ask why the continuation of the ancient Pagan ritual of killing others for sacrifice to the gods, and in the Name Of God? (Perpetual regional and global wars.)

Again, it is time that we come to see and understand that there are those who pass themselves off as god and gods – who actually – Need US. They need all of us to produce the food they live on.

So how do we starve the pretenders out? How do we cut off their food supply?
First off we refute their holy days of sacrifice.
We refuse them. We stand against them. We hold those who participate in creating them – Liable.
We hold a place where Exposure & Disclosure are Paramount.

Get up in the morning for the remainder of the days of this year and boldly proclaim, “TODAY IS A NEW DAY OF EXPOSURE & DISCLOSURE! THESE Soul Eaters and haters of mankind – are NO LONGER HIDDEN! They ARE EXPOSED! They ARE DISCLOSED!” Do this – and watch it come to pass.

As we begin to do this collectively, and as we begin to think about this throughout the day, and speak and hold these words up – resounding around the earth before going to bed at night – we Will Create A Tipping Point – where that which has been hidden, and concealed for eons of time – will “come out into the light of day”. It will be shouted about during the Light of Day.

We create it.

We can’t wait for someone else to do it for us. We must participate in the creation of these events.
And as we do this together, in unison, in 1 heart and purpose – the blood thirsty gluttons within the 4th dimension will be revealed – as will their 3rd Dimensional henchmen, who sit in positions of power on the earth.

When this happens their Entire System Collapses, and the Matrix Tapestry pulls further apart.

Revolution does not start with a bullet. It starts with a position of heart. A demand.
“I DEMAND THAT YOU BE REVEALED AND SHOW YOURSELF!” From there all other things flow.

What is the desire of your heart?
Do you want to expose the soul eaters, snakes and vermin who feed on mankind? Do you want them running from their unholiest of unholiest hiding places? Are you saying, “Enough. Stops Now.” Do you want it exposed? If the answer is, “Yes.”, then I tell you this; You Have The Power To Do It. You have the power to Create It Thus. From the top of these dark powers to the bottom of their avaricious henchmen it gets exposed, and comes down.

The Spirit which resides within your physical body can Mandate it thus. If you want it.

The dimensional overlaps with 4th dimension now make Them, and not you, Vulnerable.
This is why there is the agenda for mass murder and depopulation.
It is why technology and laws are becoming tyrannical.
It is why someone wants to control your Every Thought.

These conniving evil ones know that You, Your Spirit, Are The Worst Weapon Possible.
You are the spear, whose presence tears things apart for truth and freedom to exist and manifest.
YOU are their worst nightmare.

Let’s create the tipping for another phase of truth and exposure – together.
Let’s take our daily walks, and do our daily runs and in our hearts proclaim each time our foot hits the ground, “Exposure! Disclosure!”

Let’s do it.
Let’s bring in a Season of Disclosures, such as the Earth has never seen before!
Let’s do it Planet Wide!

As we do this – we literally make a way for thousands upon thousands to come forward – to speak and work with us. Our demand will keep them safe in the season upcoming. Our firm position, in a stance of Integrated Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit, holding our demand, while Resonating our demand with every breath we take – Literally parts the ocean for them, so that they may truly walk on safe and dry ground.

“They” cannot do it — without our participation. This is no longer a one man show.
We can no longer wait for “that man to step out and speak”. We must make a way for them.
The season we have entered in to – requires All Of Us – working together.

Are you ready to stop waiting for someone else to do it?
Are you ready to get in the water – all the way?

Let the shout out no longer be, “Left! Right! Left! Right!”

We will create it so. If we so chose.

We will create it and we will have no fear. For greater things will come our way, and sacred events will come to pass as this which is darkness, tyranny of the soul, and those who are haters of life and breath, are exposed.

You are Spirit – and so much greater than these who have consumed, confined, and trafficked in your soul! Rise Up!
Much love,


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