Waiving Our Rights To Time Limitations

We will be talking about serious stuff today.

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Today’s blog is about waiving our rights to the Limitations of 3rd Dimensional Time, and about the already active time anomalies, and multi-dimensional overlaps occurring within Earth’s 3rd Dimensional Time.  These time anomalies, and multi-dimensional overlaps are actively already happening and occurring right now.

For those who have not been reading or listening to this site from back in the day; a quick catch up.  A lot of the information I’m writing about today was actually released to many of us in the early 1990’s, but we knew that we could not speak about a lot of this until a specific point on the 3rd Dimensional Time Line intersected with larger, greater multi-dimensional time.  There are many reasons for not talking about it openly until now.  Here are just 3 of them.

  1.  We had to wait for very specific 3rd Dimensional “expiration dates” in which those who had been running long range Dark orchestrated events of tyranny on earth had reached the culmination of what the Holy Spirit had prophetically foretold us as to specific plans, future events, and actions, as concerned the lowest rung of the dark cabal.

Higher Spiritual Law always allows for the free expression and free will choice of those walking this planet.  This includes those who chose to manifest the darkest of dark actions.  However, Higher Spiritual Law also mandates that each cup carried by each of us, when filled with deliberate choices of dark deeds and actions overflows – the holder of that dark cup and power – loses power and finds that his/her time of power Expires.  A greater force steps in. Sometimes the greater force has the “appearance” of light.  Sometimes it is light.  Sometimes it is simply a greater darker force with a larger cup.  What we know with certainty is that Darkness always consumes itself.  We are on the threshold of experiencing and seeing, lower rung darkness fail, fall, be exposed, and consume itself.

These dark power players I speak of are of the lowest ranks of dark forces.  Begin to think of them as the bottom of the 4 ranks of dark power ruling the planet.  For purposes here let’s call this lowest of the 4 dark groups of power – Group 1.

It is from this bottom Group 1, beings who are very physical, but who have the ability to be multi-dimensional and, who have at times been confused to be “gods”, have called the shots on Earth in this current Earth cycle of time.  It is this group who have intentionally misled peoples of the world to believe that they are God.  It is this group, while in physical 3rd Dimensional bodies have co-habited with humans, and their offspring have often been declared to be demi-gods, and rulers of the earth.  While some writings would lead you to believe that the sons and daughters of Group 1 were purged during the Wars Against Giants – this is simply not the case.

These who have been known as gods, demi-gods, and those of other “superior” or “more powerful” species also serve their own up-line little g gods, to whom they are accountable to.  The 3rd dimensional physical rulers and leaders on the earth, who are part of Group 1 are – not independent.  They serve in behalf of someone else.  They are accountable to someone else for acts beyond their permissibility.

Now remember that a “demi-god” denotes an unseen god somewhere in the background.  The up-line for these 3rd Dimensional power elite are literally within the  4th and 5th Dimensional planes, from whence they issue edicts representing manifested insane acts imposed upon humans in the 3rd Dimension.

Insanity and tyrannical laws have an origin.  They originate from the highest of these 4th and 5th Dimensional dark powers, who are literally physical.  They can, via technology, manifest in physical 3rd Dimensional planes as perceived “Gods”.  They hold a resonance, an emanation, and a body vibration just as 3rd Dimensional Earthlings do.  Except that what they resonate, emanate, and vibrate is different.

They Are Not – Spirit.  When confined and bound, they are less than men.

These humans of Group 1, who have manifested their dark power and tyranny have reached beyond even their own standards of permissibility and leeway.  In progressing their own inter-rank wars, while consumed with malice and hatred toward humanity, and while drenched in blood sacrifice of greed and avarice, they have desired to be more than they were permitted to be by even their own up-line.

They have attempted to serve their own 4th Dimensional gods of choice, while themselves lusting for the full and complete power of these little g “gods”.

And while knowing firsthand the insanity of the gods they serve, they have been involved in power struggles amongst themselves which have caused wars involving not just regions of the earth as they have in the past, but now instead, involve the entire globe with the hope of an escalated mass extermination of humans through a global war.

We have experienced this ongoing private war amongst the dark cabal Group 1 in the manifestation of brutal wars, active tyranny, in the suppression of expression of truth, in the decimation of financial systems of nations, in the assault on the physical body of mankind, along with an attempt to destroy the spirit within men – lest mankind rise up against them.

You have experienced the consequence of the behind the scenes war in your own life as a death of a family member sent to war, as a financial ruin of a family due to the economic downturns and collapses, as a downturn in health due to the geo-engineered attacks on 3rd dimensional nature, food, air, and water, and as fuzzy minds and disconnected spirits.  These actions have crossed a line that their Next Rank Up Group 2 dark bosses did not sanction.

We had to wait for all of these things to come to pass before we could speak about the upcoming events.  We had to be in the “transition” phase from one dark power to the other.  We are now in that time.  Group number 2 is about to take over.  It is the time between the changeover from one power to the other that a lot of truth must get out to the masses who hunger for it.  And the upcoming events will bring people to see and believe things which they would not otherwise have been able to see or believe.

  1. The deeds and full expression of negative free will of major earth dark players and powers  Is what  Activated people who are not dark into a place where they were forced to wake up and hear and see The Lie in their midst, as well as become open, to hear with their hearts.

2014 was always scheduled to be the beginning of an outpouring of a deeper level of truth which would be experienced on a mass scale.  This season will grow exponentially into 2015, 2016, and 2017.

In short, the sheep had to be allowed Time to finally see that they had never lived in a kind or loving shepherd’s pen.  They needed to see, for themselves, that they were not safe, and had been in a long process of control and social engineering, and needed to understand for themselves that they had been in a long process of being depleted in every manner possible, and slowly killed and trafficked, while their souls were in the throes of an attempted takeover and theft.

If all had continued to “appear well” the sheep would never have chosen to raise their heads from the pasture to see what had really transpired around them in their 3rd Dimensional plane and this specific cycle of Earth’s time.

If they could not see what was happening in 3D, they would Never Come To Know the freedom available to them Beyond 3D.   And that meant they would never come into the Remembrance of Greater Truth of Spirit and Sacred Source.  The dark ones had to have their day to manifest for the Boomerang to happen.

  1. Those already involved in aspects of the spiritual war at play already had their hands full with speaking about basics and foundations that had to be laid so that those rousing from their slumber could be prepared for what was yet to come to pass in 3D.  There was simply no reason to speak about something Out Of Its Time, creating havoc or confusion, when there was a perfect time ahead to speak about these things when people were ready to hear it.  Truth has not been “delayed”.

The people whose task it was to introduce you to various portions of the larger truth of 3D Reality came forward in the 1990’s, and from 2000 and on, and either spoke, activated, resonated, and/or participated in a release of a portion of truth given them to speak, which was appropriate for release during that specific year or decade.  This was inclusive of, but not limited to, the topics addressing falsehoods and public mass misleading within Politics, Religion, History, Science, Medicine, DNA, Archeology, Extra/Intra Terrestrials, and Extra/Intra Dimensionals.

This is 2014.  The Multi-Dimensional Overlaps have begun to overlap in such a degree and speed that we are completely, and fully overlapped with Fourth Dimension, and do continuously and partially overlap with Fifth and Sixth Dimensions.  Third Dimensional Earth Time is literally being changed and effected by these overlaps, and expiration points.

So let’s get to it about Waiving Our Rights to limited 3rd Dimensional Time.   (Kindie class.)

  1.   When we think about Time we really have to address where Time lives.

3rd Dimensional Time lives in a confined 3rd dimensional box.

What this means is that you cannot have confined, and specific trajectory and organized (linear) Time  without Space.  So when we speak about Time we are really speaking about Time & Space (A Place with Linear Time) as a combination.  You cannot be here where you are at this moment without accepting and submitting to confined Time & Space.  In other words you accepted the limits of existing -

In The Box.  Here.  Inside the box.

When you get out of linear “organized time” which is also known as “confined time”   you are literally able to bi-locate at will, and are literally able to be in more than 1 place at 1 time.  You are able to move your consciousness elsewhere and you are able to literally break out of all confines of 3rd Dimensional Time & Space.   Your mind can calmly assimilate being in more than 1 place at 1 time, and calmly experience, participate in, and process the experience.  Easily.  With no confusion or fear.

Once you consciously –  Waive The Rights To Linear Time – ALL of your known 3rd Dimensional Laws and Rules Change.  This means that greater Spiritual Laws supersede, and exceed, the limitations of Time Space Laws in which you have previously lived in, and have been controlled by.

In other words, your confinement in and by 3rd Dimensional Time no longer confines you to a specific Time Space or Place.   It’s a lot to explain in a short blog.  (If you need to know more about Time & Space as it relates to the 3rd Dimensional Plane and beyond – you’ll be able to download the chapter from the In Body Experience book download.)

April 1, 2014.  Think of it as a crossing on a Time Line which is no different than when you cross a meridian line on planet Earth.  Think of it as you sitting in an airplane that is flying across the United States, and you started the flight in one city located on one meridian line, but you are now flying across various other meridian earth lines.  You are on earth (your airplane for this example) and you are flying across Time Meridians which began in many dimensions beyond your 3rd dimensional one, and in fact have to do with not just Earth Time, but with Greater Multi-Dimensional Time.

April 1, 2014, your consciousness becomes aware that the airplane you have been in has actually crossed a Time Meridian Line.  While your mind may not have gotten the message when it did happen, your consciousness has already become well aware that it has happened.  And for some people, that consciousness has been restless, as though waiting to be set free into what it knows is possible, even if your mind does not yet get it.

You may ask, “So what?  What does this really MEAN to me Right Now?!”  Good question.  And exactly why we are covering it in today’s podcast.  But for the moment I want to stay with the blog and explain that if you chose to “Waive Your Rights To being limited by Third Dimensional Reality Time and its confined Time, now is the time to consciously do it with your mind in sync to what you are doing Spiritually.

This is when your Spirit can literally step out and state in the 3rd Dimension, and to those who control 3rd dimensional aspects, “I am Spirit.  I am not the 3rd dimensional body in which my Spirit inhabits.  I step out of 3rd Dimensional Body Laws, and step into the Spiritual Laws and Truths given to my Spirit long ago.  My physical DNA binds me only to those laws that I now no longer accept as Limitation, and instead Consciously acknowledge the Rightful and Full Inheritance available to me because of my Spirit DNA, which supersedes any physical body and/or container.”   

 In other words it does not matter if you are a human or a hybrid from the deepest of deep space with green veggie fluid as blood.  The vessel, the body, the containment in which your Spirit lives – does not mean squat.  What matters is your Spirit DNA, and the Rights you have via your Spirit DNA Inheritance.

Yes, all the bloodline madness is just that.  Madness. And fruitless.

What matters – is the Origin of Your Spirit DNA, and what you chose to line up – With.

Once we Waive Our Rights to Time & Space Limitation we Declare our Independence as sovereign Spirit, we literally step out of the laws of the 3rd Dimensional plane, which is Death Unto More Death, where all is only constantly, progressively expanding decay, suffering, misery, disease, tyranny and control over the soul and spirit- and where we can come into the laws of Life Unto Even More Abundant Life and Creation where all is life giving, life sustaining, body and mind healing, ever loving, and constantly growing and expanding in knowledge of sacred truths.

Once we Waive Our Rights To Time & Space Limitations of the 3rd Dimension, we waive submission to those who would utilize us for slavery, for food, for harvest, for energetic draining, and we hold those who do us harm Accountable To The Greater Spirit Laws – for their deeds against us – by simple virtue of pulling away from the 3D rights of inheritance (confined time and space) into Limitless Spirit Time via our Spirit DNA.

It also means that when currency as we know it today changes from paper and coin – to the value of the Individual’s Energetic Currency (more in future blogs/podcasts), we will be prepared to make the transition to supersede those laws that would bind at a deeper, and more sinister, level.

Let’s look at Black’s Law Dictionary for the legal definition of “Waiving”  Rights.

“To abandon or throw away”

“In modern law, to renounce, repudiate, or surrender a claim, a privilege, a right, or the opportunity to take advantage of some defect,  irregularity, or wrong. “

Time as we have experienced it in the past is going to be changing.  It is going to become unstable.  There are many reasons for this and we’ll talk about them later.  However, for now, for those who no longer want to be bound by the Limitation of controlled time/space, we have the ability to say that we waive one right as we choose, and come into a higher Spirit Law, which allows us to live and transcend in all time and all space.  Simply because of who we are within the vessel we place our clothes on daily.

Some of you (depending on where you live on the planet) have already started to experience time bleed through, time anomalies, time fluctuations, and time instabilities where you have actually started to experience “pre-mature time”  (Future time events happening within your current and  present time/space.  Examples given in this week’s podcast.)  It’s going to get worse. It’s going to become more frequent.  DO NOT THINK THAT THERE IS NOT A REASON FOR MASS PUBLIC MEMORY ERASE TECHNOLOGIES, which are easily used via satellite and cell towers.  You are not supposed to “remember” the anomalies, but they are happening whether you remember them or not.  Those who have been involved in these changing time line issues this last decade know and well understand what is at stake.  I would not now be writing or talking about this if it were not really important for our future.

On the one hand there are natural Big Clock/Time and Multi-Dimensional Overlap changes in play.  On the other hand we have people who control the masses by controlling what you Remember.  This is going to make for a horrid recipe in the future.  Combine this with the time anomalies created from various military time and cloaking experiments many decades back, and you are looking at some dire events by 2021.

You can either control what is going to happen to you for the next several years, or you can get tossed around by the Time Tide, and the Time Instabilities that we have already entered in to.

By remaining in Acceptance of the Right To 3D Earth Time, you place yourselves under total submission and control of the incoming Dark powers.

Have you or someone you know recently awakened in the morning only to find yourself in a freak out because you have “lost a day” thinking it was Thursday, while finding yourself in cold shock to find via the TV, Radio, or your cell phone, that it is Friday morning, and you have lost a day?

Have you lost a physical 3D item you placed in a specific location in your house, with no one but you there,  and looked for that item with exasperation while swearing that you left it “right there”?  Did you turn the house upside down and your “item” was Nowhere – only to later be very confused when you found that your “item” is Exactly Where You Left it, and exactly where you looked for it over and over again but did not see it, and then hours later it is found in the Exact Place where you swore you left it, and had looked for it many times in the passing hours without seeing it?

Have you freaked out about it, and then decided to pan it off on getting older, being stressed, being absent minded, etc., because you can’t explain What Just Happened with your misplaced “item”?

It was there.  It was gone.  And then with no explanation, and no hand of any other human being your “something” Was There Again.  Just where you thought you left it.   What this means is that we are going to be, and have already been, experiencing what appear to be “time anomalies”.

Have you driven home or flown back from a long trip across an earth meridian, and then found that you absolutely could not remember making that trip?  Have you tried to walk yourself back through the trip to find that you absolutely could not remember some parts of it even if your life depended upon it?  Have you told yourself that you were exhausted, sleepy, and oh so many other excuses that would justify your complete, total memory loss of something that had previously been clear to your memory?  And yet, did you find that on the next day or sometime later the memories of that trip came back to you with absolute clarity, without memory problems – and you do not have Alzheimer’s or any other rational medical condition involving memory degradation?  If your answer is, “Yes.” it may well have to do with “where you live”.  Start paying attention to (and monitor/keep track of) days that you hear high frequency pitches and heavy white noise which floods you on, and before, your “lack of memory” days.

Thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of people are already putting together the correlation of high frequency signals which they clearly and easily hear, and the problems with “sudden and temporary memory loss”.    A lot is going on behind the scenes.  The presstitute (Thank you Mr. Celente!) media deflects our attention toward celebrities and wars abroad, when the very real war zone is already in our midst.  It’s a war against the human consciousness.  It’s a war involving time.  It’s a war that has attempted to move and change timelines.  And if you don’t yet believe it you might do some historical reading about documented events created by our, and other military groups, which have punched holes in the time fabric (yes it’s real) with known consequence.

Buckle up!  It’s going to be fun!  Really.  Well really, IF we first become aware of the war already in play all around us.  We must understand that 3rd Dimensional time as a lock in – is going to be a dangerous place to be.

We are coming into a time on Earth’s timeline where there are those who are very able to “play with time”  “adjust time”  “go back into time and change events”.  It’s all real. Many, many people have been involved in this in small skirmishes.  But it’s going to go big involving the entire planet and the mass populace.  We can take control of what is going on.  The first step is to be aware that this exists.  The second step is to know that Our Consciousness, and the Spirit within us – is greater than these external events, and that Our Own Spirit without any other third party involvement — can calmly  with awesome ability – take charge of the situation.  We can stabilize the instabilities created by earth’s 3rd dimensional dark cabal.  And we will know how to ride out the time instabilities created by the anomalies created by the dimensional overlaps And Collapses into our time/space.

It’s time to understand exactly what is happening with segmented time, with greater time, as well as the dimensional overlaps creating 3D time anomalies around us.  It’s time to Spiritually Take Legal Action, and come into the Right of Our Spirit DNA Inheritance, which means in this case, that we are no longer subject to the tyranny and control of what is coming at us in confined space/time.

By bi-locating we walk both places – 3D and planes beyond the 4th and 5th Dimensions which are overlapping us.  We are able to co-exist in body, and yet not be effected or affected by that which assails our body and mind.  It’s going to be critical in upcoming years that we understand the depth and truth of this.

You are Spirit.  You have Spirit DNA.  Your Spirit DNA gives you the Rights of Inheritance of that which is beyond the confines of the 3rd Dimensional plane.

Your Spirit DNA Rights of Inheritance also give you the right to supersede the negative forces applying technology, pressure, tyranny from and within 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional planes.

Sounds crazy to some.  I know this.  But for those who know what I’m talking about – the thing that you have been waiting for – really is now here.  May your April 1st 2014 be a day full of conscious “Waiving Of Limitations” of your 3rd Dimensional Time.

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