I realize that many of the upcoming 2014 blogs may well read like Science Fiction.
Taking that into view – let’s cover some basics.

  1.   The point of this blog is to simply write about the truth.  The truth is that we have entered a time, in the scope of Greater Time, that is going to make “the times” we live in seem like unbelievable Science Fiction.
  1. Thousands upon thousands of people are already experiencing what I’m going to blog about.  The people I speak of are mentally sound, are emotionally stable, and are aware of “real” reality beyond the “appearance” of reality.  Others who know that what I write about “is true”, know so because they are participants in having a firm controlling hand in what is going on behind the scenes, or know about the truth of what I write about simply because they are involved in it in either good or bad, light or dark, tyrannical or setting free aspects of what I am writing about.  I am not alone in knowing what I write about.  Nor am I alone in experiencing what I write about.
  1. Because of the above, I am simply not going to get into debates and arguments about the things that are true and are written about in this blog.  Truth stands on its own and does not need me to defend it, or argue in its behalf.  Truth simply “Is”.

So while Naysayers are welcomed to stay and read, Naysayers are also welcome to click away and go elsewhere. You will simply not find someone willing to argue or debate about your particular flavor (or specific) dogma – here.  Time is short, and those of us who know the times are no longer willing to stop, and waste time, to debate with those who have no clue what Time It Is.   So yes, this is a take it or leave it kind of blog.  This blog is not here to “convert” you, and it is simply not here to waste time arguing with you.  There is just too much ground to cover within these next two years.

Lastly, for those who come here in the process of catching up – have fun – and may your new journey bring you much excitement about the times!  May it answer some of your questions, and do away with confusion, and may it bring you much peace and joy!

- V

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