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The Next Blood Moon


By now most of you probably know something about the upcoming Blood Moon on April 14/15. For those who don’t know about blood moons – here’s a quick drive by: 1. There is what is called a blood moon in … Continue reading

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Waiving Our Rights To Time Limitations

We will be talking about serious stuff today. If you don’t enjoy reading – head on over to the Audio Blog tab where I read the blogs for you. Today’s blog is about waiving our rights to the Limitations of … Continue reading

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I realize that many of the upcoming 2014 blogs may well read like Science Fiction. Taking that into view – let’s cover some basics.   The point of this blog is to simply write about the truth.  The truth is … Continue reading

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Get Excited and Be Happy!

Why get excited and be happy when it appears that economies are failing and governments are getting tighter with stricter control over masses of humanity, and friends and family members are kind of acting nuts? (Okay, yes this too is … Continue reading

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The In Body Experience Blog

“In the realm of Truth there are No Apologetic Editorials.” – Vera

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